Marriage & Pre-Nuptial AgreementsĀ 

For many people getting married in situations where there are unbalanced assets between partners, the decision to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement must be considered. Statistics show that approximately half of marriages end in divorce. Yet, well less than fifty percent of people who get married protect themselves against this possibility by having the protection of a prenuptial agreement. For individuals who bring large assets into the marriage, or who are self-employed, or engaged in occupations or businesses that generate assets far beyond that of your soon to be spouse, it is vital to protect those assets and the stream of assets that stem therefrom. The most common and sought after legal protection is the pre-nuptial agreement.

The attorneys at the Manhattan Law Firm of Emdin & Russell LLP are well versed in both the proper design of pre-nuptial agreements and the laws that govern marriage in New York State. If you have engaged us to write your pre-nuptial agreement, we will ensure that all necessary details are included so that should the time come that agreement must be enforced, your assets and rights are protected completely.

There are many things to consider when asking for, or agreeing to a pre-nuptial agreement, especially when seeking to protect individual premarital assets, allocation of debts, division of property, and appreciation of assets and division of debts acquired during the marriage. Our agreements address your assets and liabilities, future income, maintaining a lifestyle, life insurance and child support to name a few.

Whether you are the person asking for a pre-nuptial agreement or the person being asked to sign the agreement, you need to have independent, competent and experience legal representation to protect yourself, your assets and your rights. We are sometimes asked about the wisdom of both parties using the same attorney which we recommend not be done.

The Firm of Emdin & Russell LLP serves all five boroughs of New York City and Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. We are here to represent and counsel you through the Marriage & Pre-Nuptial Agreements process.