Political Asylum

Political asylum is granted to immigrants in or wishing to enter into the United States when they fear persecution because of their race, nationality, religion, or membership in a social group, or because of their political opinion in their country of last residence. Those who have been in the country for less than a year and qualify as a member of an asylum class are eligible to be granted political asylum.

Laws regarding political asylum seem fairly straightforward, but like most issues related to immigration, they can actually be quite complex. This is why it is important to work with an experienced immigration attorney if you are seeking political asylum.

Why Working with a Political Asylum Attorney is Important

One of the most important factors in asylum being granted is the application. It must be completed correctly the first time, which can be difficult, especially when English is not your first language. The experienced immigration attorneys at the Law Firm of Emdin & Russell, LLP can help.

Our attorneys understand laws governing the country’s complex immigration system. We can help you maximize your chances of being granted asylum and assist you in determining your best path to citizenship.

Those seeking asylum are required to participate in an interview and appear in court. This can be an intimidating experience for anyone, but is especially challenging if you are from a country where you were persecuted. We’ll be by your side during each step of the asylum process and we’ll ensure the details of your story are understood by those with the authority to make decisions about your time in the United States.

We can also assist you with legal issues once you’ve received asylum. In many instances, you will need to wait a period of time before you can move forward with your life in the United States. For instance, you’ll need employment authorization, but you must wait 150 days from the time you file your asylum request. We can help you with the paperwork and hearings associated with asylum and with anything else you need to establish a life in this country.

At Emdin & Russell, we’ve worked with asylum seekers from a variety of different countries. Our attorneys and support staff are prepared to assist you with your application and throughout the entire immigration process. We understand the asylum process is stressful and we want to help you every step of the way.

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