Illegal Alien – Undocumented Worker

Despite living or working in the United States illegally, you still deserve to be treated with respect and given an opportunity to explain your situation. At the Law Firm of Emdin & Russell, LLP, we work with individuals who lack necessary documentation to live or work in the country, and help them sort through their legal situation, whatever it might be.

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to ease its policies, but in 2015, there were still more than 96,000 removals that involved individuals who had not been convicted of a crime. Despite new attitudes about undocumented workers, there is still risk involved when you are in the country without the appropriate paperwork and approvals.

As experienced immigration attorneys, we understand how complex the system is. We also know how confusing and frightening it can be to navigate the legal system as someone for whom English is a second language. We want to provide you with the support and guidance you need to maintain your status in the United States, and to defend yourself if you are accused of a crime or have a crime committed against you.

We’ve worked with foundations, business, and foreign consulates, and we have a vast array of resources that can help you. We’ve resolved a variety of complex immigration issues and we can help you with your situation.

Waivers Available to Undocumented Workers

The President signed an executive order in the spring of 2013 that allowed undocumented workers who were married to legal citizens the ability to apply for a waiver of inadmissibility in the United States. This means those who had entered the country illegally would be allowed to regularize their status and remain in the country while waiting for the paperwork to be completed.

It’s also possible for someone to receive a waiver if he or she is able to prove undue hardship. A variety of arguments can be made for undue hardship, including depression and mental disabilities, loss of attachment to community and friends, spousal hardship, language barriers, care of family members, economic deprivation, and potential danger in a person’s home country… the list is extensive.

If you have been threatened with deportation or a crime has been committed against you and you believe your immigrant status could be at risk if you attempt legal action, we can help. Nobody should be made a victim or forced to suffer undue hardship because of his or her citizenship status.

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