Civil Rights Violations 
False Arrest

Many people are unaware that when they are illegally searched, illegally detained, arrested and/or imprisoned, they have suffered a violation of their Civil Rights, also known as their Constitutional Rights. As citizens, the 4th and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution protects your  right to be secure in your person and free from illegal search and seizure. Additionally, if you are detained, arrested or imprisoned for verbally expressing yourself, that detention, arrest and/or imprisonment is a violation of your First Amendment rights. Violation of these rights is actionable in both State and Federal Courts.

The New York Law Firm of Emdin & Russell LLP is at the forefront in standing with society against the violation of civil rights. Most importantly, we strive to provide individuals whose civil rights have been violated with the most spirited and zealous legal representation available. We believe that a violation of any person’s, or group’s civil rights is a violation of all of societies civil rights and cannot be tolerated.

Civil rights actions are often filed against a municipality such as your local and federal police and law enforcement agencies. It is important to consult with an experienced attorney immediately, as there are certain deadlines to filing a claim against the municipality.

As stated above, civil rights violations can result from law enforcement’s use of excessive force and / or, false arrest. Securing videotapes and/or street surveillance tapes before they are erased is of utmost importance.  Likewise, finding and taking statements from witnesses while their memory is fresh is vital to proving your civil rights cases. In sum, you must take immediate action, not only to protect your rights, but to ensure that this type of conduct is not repeated on other innocent civilians.

You can rely upon the attorneys at the Manhattan Law Firm of Emdin & Russell LLP to represent and counsel you through the Civil Rights Violations process.