False Arrest 

False Arrest

False arrest is a common law tort where the accused is arrested and held without probable cause or without a proper court order. Usually, the abuse is committed by police officers, however, private security personnel are often the culprits in the false arrest of consumers. Have you ever been falsely accused of theft and detained by department store security, or even worse, arrested? If this has happened to you, you may have a legal basis to sue.

It is often said that an arrest is not indicative of guilt. However, human nature often assigns some level of culpability with an arrest. Therefore, it is important to investigate and address the circumstances of the arrest at the earliest possible moment, and to establish one’s right to remuneration for the arrest.

Emdin & Russell, LLP., located in Manhattan and serving all of New York and New Jersey are experienced  in litigating False Arrest lawsuits. They have represented hundreds of innocent citizens tangled in a web of police misconduct, procedural errors and sometimes outright deceit. We have recovered millions of dollars in damages in cases filed in Federal Court and State Court in New York and New Jersey. We have even represented and recovered sums for those falsely accused, detained and/or arrested for shoplifting by a private establishment.

An arrest can affect your reputation, current and future employment, and affect family relations. Consequently, a false arrest case must be managed with experience and attention to detail. Time is of the essence. You have only 90 days to file a claim against the City in order to preserve your right to sue in state court.

In the unlikely event that you are arrested under false pretenses you should immediately contact an attorney or law firm with knowledge and experience in representing those falsely arrested. Our staff of lawyers and support personnel at the Manhattan law firm of Emdin & Russell LLP has a proven track record in helping our clients who are victims of false arrest clear their names and records. We investigate every aspect of how you came to be falsely accused, piecing together all of the relevant facts for your case, and can even assist in having the false charges dismissed. Additionally, if there is a civil case for you to seek damages from the parties involved in your false arrest, we will work with you to seek an award that will help to salvage the damage your life and your reputation has been subjected to.

If you’ve been a victim of False Detention, False Arrest, Excessive Force, Police Brutality and you want to right the wrong you suffered, contact the law office of Emdin & Russell, LLP. As former Prosecutors, the Partners at Emdin & Russell, LLP., know when a detention and/or arrest is lawful and when law enforcement of any kind is abusing their power and authority.

You can rely upon the attorneys at the Manhattan Law Firm of Emdin & Russell LLP to represent and counsel you through the False Arrest process.