Criminal Defense - HomicideIf you have been arrested for a homicide you’ll need a strong, seasoned, attorney to navigate you through the significant legal issues and defenses that these cases present.

To take a human life is to assume a terrible responsibility that will weigh on your conscious for many years. However, to be wrongly accused of taking someone’s life has equally significant ramifications. It is the job of your attorneys to correctly assess your case, present your options and defenses and handle this matter with the utmost care and attention to detail that these cases require. Emdin & Russell, LLP has met that challenge and can help you.

The Manhattan Law Firm of Emdin & Russell, LLP’s combined years of experience offers the insight necessary to present the most comprehensive homicide defense possible. Through extensive interviews of the client, witnesses and experts, we customize your defense to the facts and circumstances, and evidence and theories developed. In some cases your defense may involve a case of mistaken identification, in others an insanity defense may be appropriate. Alibi defense, intoxication defense and self defense also may offer possible defenses to the crime for which you stand accused. Simply put, no two cases are alike, yet they all have to be addressed with a high level of seriousness and sensitivity.

Emdin & Russell, LLP will gather all information and evidence available. Their legal team will know every facet of the case and identify the pertinent facts that can help sway the judge and the jury to a favorable resolution. Oftentimes we coordinate our defense by consulting with experts in the medical field, crime scene reconstruction, and blood splatter experts to list a few. This approach leads to a consolidated, coordinated defense that creates a clear picture for the jury to understand and accept.

Our staff will delve into all available case law to construct a defense that will create an environment to deliver the best possible outcome for our client. Through it all, our goal will be to present a defense that will offer the greatest chance of success.

What is a homicide?

The simplest definition of homicide, according to Websters.com, is the act of killing another person. However, the reason someone commits homicide is not always easily defined. Homicide can be defined in one of four ways:

  • First Degree Murder – the most serious of the four types of homicide, is defined as being a planned and willful act on the part of the accused. Among the most famous cases of first degree murder are the Manson Family killings and more recently the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado.
  • Second Degree Murder – in this type it can be proved that the accused intended for the victim’s life to end but it cannot be proved that the accused planned the murder. One of the more recent cases of second degree murder was the case involving music impresario Phil Spector.
  • Manslaughter – this type of homicide is not planned by the accused nor did the accused plan or expect the victim to die because of their actions. The case against Conrad Murray, the doctor who prescribed the medications that killed Michael Jackson is one of the more famous manslaughter cases.
  • Justifiable Homicide – this type of homicide is the one in which charges are rarely brought against the accused as the homicide was committed as an act of self-defense. One of the most famous cases of justifiable homicide was the killing of Johnny Stompana by Lana Turner’s daughter, who was defending her mother from being beaten by the victim.

We understand that in a perfect world, our client would not be in the situation of defending their actions that led them to be accused of this crime. We will seek to present a defense that will put our clients in the best possible position to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. For our firm, your defense is not only about defending your actions; it is about defending your life.